Halloween Theme Party Ideas - Halloween Vampires & Villains

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Costumes under $30 A new twist to an old tradition. Have your Halloween guests come dressed as their preferred villain-turned-vampire. Watch as the ensuing hilarity turns your Halloween party into the year’s most successful bash. Can you imagine what Hitler would have been like if he turned into a vampire? Or maybe that’s why Jeffrey Dahmer ate his unwilling victims. When you send out invitations, ask them a question: Which real-life villain would have been great as a vampire? Then ask them to dress accordingly.

You could dress up as one, too. But being the hostess of your own Halloween party, maybe you would do well by just being Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. But if you are not so inclined, maybe Vincent Price would do the trick.

Stage larger-than-usual tombstones on your front lawn. Then have a volunteer (in a dark costume of course), hide behind them to greet your victims, I mean Guests for the evening. They would not be easily seen until the person is right on them, allowing them to jump out and maximizing the scare effect.

Hang cardboard cutouts of mummies wrapped in toilet paper near your windows. Make it appear as though they are trying to escape from your house. The light color of the toilet paper will make it visible from outside your house even with minimal lighting.

Make your own Halloween wreath and hang it outside your door, instead of hanging the tired and time tested neon plastic skeleton. Gather some old dried twigs and bundle them into a good sized circle and tie them together with straw or string. Spray paint it in an orange color and allow it to dry. Glue Plastic spider, miniature plastic skulls, or even tie Halloween ribbons around it to make it more festive.

Have ready a select number of horror films for a long night of film viewing. A must-see of course is the Halloween Series, but do not neglect the classics either like the original Dracula and Frankenstein, for example.

Fill the inside of your party area with cardboard coffins. You can easily do this with the help of a few generous friends. Give them the liberty of designing their creation as they like, giving a creative and varied look to you décor. Make your own table centerpiece easily with a design appropriate to your theme. You could make a mini graveyard centerpiece with paper mache, poster paint and lots of imagination.

Make sure you decorate with mainly with black cloth. Orange streamers would add a punch of zesty appeal without blinding you with a blast of wayward color. Use white candles for that uber spooky effect; just make sure you keep them from flammable decorations and other items that can catch easily fire such as clothing, books, paper or curtains.

Use cut sections of tree trunks or thick limbs as your Jack O’ Lantern stand. Fill vases with old withered flowers and dried out leaves and bare branches for that ultimate decadent look. Use black ribbons to tie your flower arrangements together.

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